Workers’ Compensation

If you’ve been injured on the job, getting stuck with the bill for your recovery and lost wages adds to the pain you’ve already endured.

Many workers’ compensation claims are rejected after their first submission, and injured workers are left to make an impossible choice: get buried under medical costs and—sometimes, unfortunately—the burden of disability. Or, go up against teams of claims adjusters and insurance company attorneys during the intimidating, high-pressure appeals process. And to top it all off, you’ve got to complete your claim within a short time frame.

But the attorneys of Casper & Casper can significantly increase the chance of winning your case. That’s because we’re experienced at dealing with the complex bureaucratic system that processes claims for work-related injuries in Ohio. We know the tactics the other side uses to negotiate, and we can handle the entire process for you.

Missing or incomplete medical information is one of the top reasons workers’ comp claims are denied. Our attorneys can compile and analyze your medical records to make sure the full extent of your injuries, and any lasting impairments, are fully documented. We’ll depose medical experts, gather and develop evidence, communicate on your behalf with the insurance companies, represent you at your workers’ comp hearing, and work to negotiate a good settlement for you.

Throughout it all, we’ll keep you informed about what’s happening in your case.

And because we have attorneys with expertise in social security disability and personal injury, we can advise you on the potential eligibility of your claim in those areas as well—and make sure your settlement is structured properly so that it doesn’t conflict with or nullify your social security disability benefits.

Don’t go it alone. Call Casper & Casper today and let our team of attorneys help you win the maximum financial settlement for your work-related injury.