Social Security Disability

It’s hard enough to deal with a long-term illness or disability.

Adding a complex court case that’s stacked against you is more than anyone should have to handle alone—especially when a simple paperwork error or lack of preparation for a hearing can slow your case and keep you from getting the money you need.

It’s an unfortunate fact: 70% of first-time Social Security Disability applications are denied. But if you have a physical illness or mental condition that’s expected to prevent you from working for at least a year, or that will result in your death, the attorneys at Casper & Casper can significantly increase the chance of winning your case.

We can help you get your backpay and retroactive benefits from the date your disability began. Our attorneys will compile and submit the relevant medical records and evidence and draft a compelling brief to the Administrative Law Judge. We’ll be by your side at the hearing and help you provide testimony that supports your case, and we may cross-examine the vocational expert or medical expert to prove that your disability prevents you from working.

During the entire process, we’ll keep you informed about what’s happening with your benefits. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to your needs and questions.

The attorneys of Casper & Casper understand the Social Security Disability system and will handle all of the difficult and time-consuming procedures required to resolve your case. The sooner we start working for you, the sooner you’ll receive the benefits you deserve.