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For generations, the attorneys at Casper & Casper have been leaders in getting our clients the money they deserve. Whether you’re struggling with workers’ compensation or social security disability, trying to move forward from a personal injury, or dealing with an OVI, Casper & Casper can help.

When injury or loss turns your life upside down, the attorneys at Casper & Casper can help you rebuild and recover—from vehicle accidents, wrongful death and malpractice to product liability, workplace incidents, dog bites, slips, falls and more. Learn more
Dealing with the aftermath of a workplace injury can be confusing and stressful. Trust Casper & Casper attorneys to navigate the complex workers’ compensation bureaucracy on your behalf—and get you the money you’re entitled to. Learn more
At Casper & Casper, we know that trying to obtain the social security benefits you have earned can be an overwhelming and seemingly impossible task. That's where our experienced team can help. Learn more


Operating a vehicle under the influence is a serious charge that can impact your personal and professional life and driving privileges, and can even result in jail time. Casper & Casper is in your corner with a strong defense. Learn more


SSDI application process

6 Tips to Make the SSDI Process Easier

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims process is complicated and frustrating—and navigating it can sometimes feel like trying to
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st. patrick's day drinking

St. Patrick’s Day Will See Increased DUI Enforcement

The past few decades have seen our nation increasingly crack down on drunk driving. Ohio (and other states) has passed
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workplace injury

True or False: A Look at 5 Workers’ Compensation Beliefs

It’s true: the workers’ compensation process can be extremely confusing. As a result, myths and half-truths are everywhere. Today, we’re
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